In case of airport departure please calculate your pickup time 2 hours before the gate close. During the rushing hours (4pm-7pm) pls add 15 minutes plus for the average 30 minutes (from city center) ride. After your order received we are going to confirm your driver with all her/his details by e-mail on the previous day before your pickup. Because of this it is extremely important to provide all your contact details without mistyping. My system works automatically, so I couldn't be responsible for any given wrong information. We are not taking the responsibility of any delay, sleepover, unwaited accident during the ride. Our drivers many times can wait maximum 10 minutes after the provided pickup time. If you cancel the ride before the pickup we are sending the invoice about the full price in an e-mail.


2023 január (valid until withdrawn)

Nagykovácsi    Liszt Ferenc Airport

Nagykovácsi    Liszt Ferenc Airport

Under construction...

Budapest (Buda) ?    Liszt Ferenc Airport

Budapest (Buda)    Liszt Ferenc Airport

Under construction...

What i do…

We can provide tour guided airport transfers, transfers with Airbnb checkin, winetasting tours, trips to UNESCO world heritages, popular touristic destinations and inner city transfers also. On all the way I can give many usefull information as a local guide to help and I'm ready for longer trip as well. Basic prices are valid for 1-4 passengers. In that case if we are totally booked the ordered tranfer/trip will be canceled by us lates one day before the date.

Custom destinations

If you can't find the desired destination in my pricelist, don't worry, I can solve everything, ask for a quote!


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